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The process of Loading and unloading at Dai Nam

Loading and unloading
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Customers are looking for a healthy team of porters, professional, good service attitude – Please contact Unloading Dai Nam to receive rental rates dich vu boc xep the most competitive markets.

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Step 1: Receive customer information and quotes

Case 1 : If the customer wants to hire a specific number of employees, contact the call center and make a request, we will quote and dispatch employees to immediately.

Case 2 : For large projects, we will schedule a survey to estimate the number of labor and machinery needed, then quote a good price to customers. Survey costs are completely free.

Step 2: Service staff pick up as required

Staff will quickly perform the requirements of unloading, packaging, loading and unloading at the request of customers in the shortest time.

Step 3: Acceptance and payment

Customers check all goods and furniture. Then complete the payment with the loading and unloading captain.

In the case of heavy or heavy lifting works, we will have a supervisor throughout, ensuring labor safety standards. At the same time will have signed a contract and issued a red invoice according to customer requirements.