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When the dog is lying down, sit down

When the dog is lying down, sit down
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– When the dog is in a lying position, turn the collar of the dog half a turn, stand facing the dog head and 2 steps away, the left hand holding the leash and pulling the rope gently. Then, the right hand against the lead and bring up and down, at the same time ordered “sitting”.

– Pay attention to the transition from the dog’s lying posture to sitting position. If the dog does not move, the hind legs sit down and the front legs are straight, the dog’s movements are considered correct.

– Should initially keep the dog in a sitting position for 5 – 10 seconds, the later on when the dog begins to mature can increase the sitting time longer for dogs

Note: To perform this action well. During training you increase the distance, order the dog in every direction. The order must be clear. After the dog has done well, praise and petting will be rewarded as well as giving them a reward.

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